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Fame Media Global (FMG) is a media for equity company based in Singapore. It provides global consumer start-ups with suitable media investments and expertise to launch and scale in the Southeast Asia markets, supporting their long-term brand-building efforts in exchange for equity in their company, thereby saving them precious cash and smartly utilizing their equity. 
At the same time, Fame Media Global helps media companies diversify their risks across multiple advertisers and monetize their perishable inventory to enjoy lucrative returns in proportion to their media inventory value in exchange for equity.

We provide access to media space on television, OTT, digital outdoor, press, radio, e-gaming, premium online publishers, and more.

Presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos

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Southeast Asia's First Media For Equity Company

87% of start-up companies that have accepted media for equity investments are still active today and have raised subsequent fundraising and accelerated their growth in high multiples 

- A media for equity study

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Why Media for Equity?

Scaling brands in Southeast Asia

Global Start-up valuations are hitting all-time highs, and investments are being re-evaluated. Start-ups need to preserve their precious capital cash for managing vital operations and growth and for subsequent fundraising.

Media for Equity is a good growth accelerator with much lesser risk, aiding long-term value creation for all stakeholders. The structure enables start-ups to exchange some of their equity for suitable media investments and scale.


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Hasnain Babrawala

Founder and CEO
Fame Media Global

15+ Exp in Media Trading /Barter with Top Global Ad Agencies and Fortune500 Companies

Leads the media partner relations across the southeast Asia region and crafts investment agreements among all participating stakeholders

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For Start-ups

Factors to be considered

At FMG, we are selective with the brands and companies we invest. It is essential for us and our media investment partners that we are working to build great brands and companies that are in line with the Fame Media Global value manifesto

* Achieved a minimum critical market share based on operating category

* Stable or increasing CAC shows the readiness of extending awareness of mass media

* Growing online engagement and social media following

* Increasing revenue with a clear sight on profitability if not already profitable

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For Media Partners

2-3X Returns On Your Existing Perishable Media Inventory

Fame Media Global is the gateway for media partners to invest their media space in high-growth start-ups in exchange for equity; the equity portion enables long-term value creation by diversifying revenue and smartly monetizing its perishable inventory, which delivers a handsome 2-3x multiple returns over a 3 - 5 year period

For Investors

Significant Returns With Lower Risk

Globally 87% of companies that accepted a media for equity investment are still active today and running successfully.
This model presents less risk and higher chances for significant returns than early-stage funding rounds for investors who invest cash. The media for equity model is almost always used during conventional fundraising, allowing co-investment opportunities and delivering value to start-ups which helps them accelerate their growth

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Let us Talk

Media for equity is an alternative investment instrument that acts as a good growth accelerator and contributes to an increase in the bottom line

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We look forward to speaking with you

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