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why media for equity?

As global start-up valuations reach record levels and investment strategies are being reassessed, start-ups face the challenge of preserving their valuable cash resources for crucial operations, growth, and future fundraising activities.

Media for equity offers start-ups a viable alternative to traditional financing and advertising models. It provides capital preservation, access to advertising resources, risk sharing, growth acceleration, industry expertise, and brand-building opportunities, making it an appealing option for start-ups seeking strategic growth and visibility.

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proven investment model

1000+ investments made in the last decade in EU and India, 75% in the last 5 years. 30+ media for equity funds globally

30%+ companies have got a successful exit via acquisition/IPO

media for growth-backed start-ups raise on average 3x more funding than other start-ups

start-ups backed by both media and VC investors reach the exit round (via IPO) 32 months faster

companies like flipkart, Zalando, Delivery Hero, Hello fresh, Glovo, About You, What3Words, Meatless Farm, PropertyGuru have done media for equity investments

media fragmentation

Traditional media channels like TV, radio, and print have extensive reach and can attract a large audience. Being featured in reputable newspapers, magazines, or TV news programs can boost a brand's trustworthiness and credibility.


These channels have a longstanding history and association with well-known brands, and being mentioned in respected publications or on reputable TV or radio shows can enhance a brand's authority and credibility. This association positively affects consumers' perceptions, fostering trust and reliability.


Traditional media channels also complement digital platforms by driving traffic to online platforms, amplifying social media campaigns, and directing consumers to websites or landing pages. Integrating traditional and digital channels creates a unified brand experience, maximizing the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

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